1. How to pin butterflies

2. The Common Birdwing Butterfly

3. How to pin (and preserve) beetles

How to Pin Butterflies

Today I will show you how to pin butterflies. I did this with all of my butterflies. It is simple but you will need some supplies.

Things you’ll need:


An alive butterfly, some pins, paper, a clear plastic box (for big butterflies I use an 18 x 27 x 8.8cm box from Nam Ngai Hong company), a big plastic jar with holes(plastic cage), a plastic bag, plastic foam, glue, cotton balls, and strong nail polish remover

1. Catch a butterfly with a bug net and put the butterfly in a big plastic jar with holes.

2. Put the jar into the plastic bag.


3. Dip the cotton balls into the strong nail polish remover and put the wet cotton balls in the bag with the jar (for big butterflies I use 10 cotton balls).


4. Close the bag and wait until the butterfly is dead (I wait 20 minutes for the Atlas Moth).


5. Take the butterfly out of the jar carefully and lay the butterfly on the flat piece of foam.


6. Insert the pin in Thorax of the butterfly on the foam.20170215_142754

7. Cut two strips of paper.


8. Place the strip of paper on the wings of the butterfly with pins (shown in the photo).


9. Wait 3 days.

10. Place a sheet of foam in the box and secure it with glue.

11. Place the butterfly on the foam in the box and close it with a lid.


12. Finished!

Enjoy your butterfly! You can do this with all of the butterflies. You could also put a name tag on the bottom of the butterfly too. Good luck.

The Common Birdwing Butterfly

I saw a bird in the sky, but if you look closer it’s a huge butterfly. It’s really hard for me to catch it because it’s 10 meters above ground. I caught The Common Birdwing Butterfly (Triodes hehena Linnaeus). Then luckily it flew low and I got it (mine is at the bottom). The female is more beautiful than the male. Look at these two pictures.


The left picture is the male and the other female

The wingspan 100-140 mm. It lives or found in Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, peninsular and eastern Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Laos, Kampuchea, Thailand, Vietnam, southern China including Hainan, and Hong Kong. The cool thing about this butterfly is that it had a red neck.


This is the caterpillar.


My Common Birdwing Butterfly was found in November 24th, 2015 (female)


How to pin beetles

To pin beetles, you just need to do the same procedure as the butterfly pinning. There is some differences but I’ll tell you where it is. The differences are:

  • The cage. You can use a jar instead of a cage. Because a beetle doesn’t have wings.
  • The paper. You don’t need to use paper.
  • The bag. If you kill your beetle in jar, you don’t need a bag.

Where do you insert the pin in the beetle? You insert the pin on the right wing of the beetle. To preserve beetles go to: 


My Beetles

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