My Optical Illusions


My Optical Illusions

Here are some of my optical illusions that I made myself.

1. The Cubes:20170409_160250

How many cubes are in this picture? It depends on how you look at the picture.

2. The Four Sides:

Screen Shot 2560-04-09 at 4.29.55 PM

Can you spot the four sides of the figure in the picture? (Clue think about an opened book)

3. The Secret Stairs:20170409_160202

Can you find the upside-down stairs in the picture?

  1. On the cubes illusion, there are 13 cubes total.
  2. On 2. think of a jacket and the pages of a book.
  3. On the stairs illusion, the stairs will be upside down.

Optical illusions are caused by a mismatch of what the eyes see and what the brain interprets, according to ABC News. The brain is often tricked into thinking something is moving when contrasting colors are placed in close proximity to each other and repeated. This is why when people want a pattern to move like an optical illusion, the shapes of the pattern are outlined in black and white. The term optical illusion is not the best way to describe this phenomenon, according to ABC News. It is best to call them visual illusions because the illusion is caused by more than just the eyes. It is caused by the primary visual cortex, which is the area of the brain that helps to process visual information.

This is my favorite optical illusion. If you move your head back and forth, you can see the circles spin.

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