Why Kids Should Study Science

Why Kids Should Study Science

I asked myself this question: why kids should study or learn science? I’ll tell you why but these are just my own ideas.

If you are bored (or have nothing to do) at home, you should find something to do. Playing video games isn’t the answer. Video games are just time killers and you’re just wasting 30 minutes or one hour of your life. Instead of video games, why don’t you study science, like me? Science is a good time killer and can be used in real life. To start having fun with science, find questions like: why is the sky blue? who invented clocks? After you have questions go to a bookstore or a library and buy or rent science books and read every sentence. After you’re liking science a little bit, go to Walmart and buy some science kits. After you like science, go and buy some science tools or equipment, and set up a small laboratory in your house. Keep reading those science books because you may have a chance of getting a good grade in science in your school. So put video games in the garbage bin and keep learning science.

Science tools: https://www.homesciencetools.com

Bug specimens: https://www.butterfliesandthings.com

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