How to make a Stalagmite and a Stalactite

How to make a Stalagmite and a Stalactite

A stalagmite is a type of rock formation that rises from the floor of a cave due to the accumulation of material deposited on the floor from ceiling drippings. Stalagmites may be composed of amberat, lava, minerals, mud, peat, pitch, sand, and sinter.Labeled_speleothems

The corresponding formation hanging down from the ceiling of a cave is a stalactite. Mnemonics have been developed for which word refers to which type of formation; one is that stalactite has a C for “ceiling”, and stalagmite has a G for “ground”.

Now I’ll show you how to make a stalactite and a stalagmite with some easy-to-find supplies.

Things you’ll need: two cups, alum, shoe laces (make sure that they’re made from cloth), two rocks, a spoon, and newspaper.20170514_110900

  1. Pour warm water into the cup in an equal amount.
  2. Put alum into the cups and stir until it’s dissolved.20170514_113153
  3. Tie a knot in the middle of the shoe laces and tie the stones on each end.20170514_114720
  4. Place the cups with alum onto the newspaper.
  5. Put the stone into one cup each as shown in the picture.20170514_114444
  6. Wait one week.

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