The Three Common Indicators

The Three Common Indicators

Want to see some colorful liquids in test tubes? Then, you came to the right place to learn some chemistry and to see the beautiful colors. We’re going to learn about the three common PH indicators.

In these test tubes there is vinegar, water, and borax. So that means we’ve acid to base.

Some PH indicators have ranges. For example, phenolphthalein’s lowest range is 3.0 PH which is acid, but if you put phenolphthalein in an acid that is 2 PH, the same color will show. If you don’t know what I’m taking about click here.

Phenolphthalein (PH 8.3 – 10): You probably saw me using this chemical several times. Let’s see what will happen to this.20170519_172601

Acid: no color  Neutral: no color   Base: pink

Methyl orange (PH 3.1 – 4.4): 20170617_102704.jpg

Acid: red  Neutral: orange Base: orange

Bromothymol blue (PH 6 – 7.6):20170617_103255.jpg

Acid: yellow Neutral: green Base: blue

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7 Responses to The Three Common Indicators

  1. Hoped you learned something about these indicators. In my opinion, litmus paper is the best indicator.
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  2. scifihammy says:

    It’s great fun experimenting with indicators and finding the right one for each experiment. Also it’s nice to have something colourful in the lab, as most experiments tend to end up a muddy brown colour! 🙂

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  3. I love messing with the PH. I change the PH in my hydrangea flowers som that the flowers turn out blue! Otherwise they are pink.

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