It finally came… 3


It finally came!

The science book:20170716_153837.jpg

I bought this at Amazon and it took about 2 weeks for it to come.

It cost about $9

Let’s open the book. First page!20170716_153855


Where’re the harder ones?20170716_15390320170716_15390820170716_153913

It took me one hour to look at the whole book.

Nothing in here is good!

Follower: Why Dan?

Look at my experiments on my older posts.

The experiments are 100 times better!

Follower: You are right, Dan.

Well, this is going to go into the garbage bin like the others…

But it says “great experiments” on the cover!!

But it’s terrible inside.

This book is for beginners.

4 year olds!!

You wasted my time book and money.


After that, I don’t know what experiments I can do next…

To be continued…



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One Response to It finally came… 3

  1. This is bad. Now I have to make up my own experiments.


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