Magnet and Heat

Magnet and Heat

I was thinking about what to melt next, so I looked around the internet. And unfortunately, I found this:

“High temperature destroys this ordering and therefore destroys permanent magnets, the temperature at which ferromagnetism is lost is called Curie temperature and is below melting point of the material. Thus a magnet will lose its magnetism before it melts”.

Simply, heat destroys magnets, but I wonder what would happen if you heat it up to certain temperatures.

So in this post, I’m going to heat a magnet up and see if its magnetism will lower down.

When magnets are heated above 176° Fahrenheit (80° Celsius), magnets will quickly lose their magnetic properties. The magnet will become permanently demagnetized if exposed to these temperatures for a certain length of time or heated at a significantly higher temperature (Curie temperature).

What I’m going to do is heat up the magnet until there’s no magnetism in it.


My magnet



Let’s get started.


I put the magnet on the stand and put an alcohol lamp under it. Another method you can use is to use forceps to hold the magnet on top the heat, but I’m lazy to hold it so I used this.

30 minute later:


When I used a pair of pliers to take to magnet off the heat, the magnet just split in half. I could smell burning plastic so there must be glue or tape in the middle of it.20170811_125603

It also made a mark on my table 😣😣!!


After a couple minutes later the magnet that still has some magnetism split in half by itself. I’m guessing the heat made the magnet softer and the poles of the magnet pushed each other apart.20170811_131050

I put the magnet that split in half on the side of a jar with iron fillings in it. But the other half of the magnet (the one on the fifth picture in the top right) didn’t stick on iron filings.20170811_131120

There you go, magnets can be stopped but it took a half an hour to make the magnetism all gone, this shows how strong magnets are.

Hope you liked the post, if you did comment down below ↓

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  1. Magnets have always fascinated me! We always played with them as kids. Love your experiment with them!

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