Cleaning Coins

Cleaning Coins

I looked at my coin collection, and I thought of something. Everyone said: “Just put them in vinegar” or “Cleaning them with soap is enough”. No. Those methods don’t work at all, my coins are still dirty. I’m going to need an experiment.



My coin collection


The first beaker has hydrochloric acid, the second has sodium hydroxide.


I’m going to use these two coins to test.


It worked!


Look at that! I put this coin in the hydrochloric acid for 1 second. Compare to the spot that didn’t touch the chemical.


I put the coins into the sodium hydroxide, but it didn’t work.

I’m going to compare the coin that has been dipped into the acid.

The left coin: before I dipped it into the acid.

The other coin: after I dipped it in the acid.


I dipped all of the coins from my collection, but it turns out that the acid created a reaction and made the coins black…20170827_103434

Well, I’m guessing we’re back at the starting point 😦

Conclusion: It didn’t work at all.


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  1. I guess the acid burns away some of the outer dirt?
    We used to clean our coins in dollops of HP sauce – you know, the tart brown sauce? I think the acid in the sauce did the trick and the coins didn’t go black.
    Also, some of your coins may be silver? You could use a good silver polish for them, and maybe some Brasso for the copper ones!

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    • I don’t know, but if you want to use household items you can: dip them in vinegar, rubbing them with limes, rubbing them with erasers, or clean them dishwasher soap. I tried all of these and they didn’t the coins much, but these ways are good for people who don’t have strong chemicals (my chemical is so strong that I made the some coins turn black 😦 ).

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