It Finally Finally Came

I waited for so long, but it finally came… To make a long story short: I’ve ordered the supplies, but they didn’t come. So I ordered them again, and the same thing happened, but finally, it came. Do you get it? Even if you don’t understand, let’s continue.


A small box today, I forgot what I ordered because it was weeks already.


Look at the markings on the box. It’s beautiful!


I opened the box.


The first item is filter paper.


Second is just zinc powder…


The third is a 75 ml crucible.

The main thing that I’m looking forward to is this:


It’s a scale. The range of it is about 500g to 0.01g. I need a scale desperately!


It’s smaller than I thought, compare it to the goggles.


Looks nice. This is my first time using one, so I’m going to be practicing with it a little bit.

So now, if I have these supplies, I can perform tons of better experiments.

Better experiments coming soon…

Now I’m going to be back with my normal schedule.


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