How to Make Salt Chemically (Making NaCl)

How to Make Salt Chemically (Making NaCl)


Is there a way to make salt by using chemicals? Obtain salt without using sea water? Yes, there is. Many chemicals have sodium in them.

So I stumbled across this chemical formula: NaOH (Sodium hydroxide) + HCl (Hydrochloric acid) → NaCl (salt/sodium chloride) + H2O

Sounds interesting, so let’s do it.


About 20ml of sodium hydroxide in a beaker.


20 ml of hydrochloric acid in the crucible (you can’t see it from the picture).

Dropping sodium hydroxide carefully into the HCI and turned on the heat.


It’s vaporizing nicely and it finally came to a boil. After that, the experiment was completed.


It was a success, the salt came out nicely. But you can’t eat or consume it because it still has the chemicals in it, it’ll be nice if you can. I also wanted to find a way to prove that the solid is salt.

I hope you enjoyed, any suggestions? feel free to comment down below ↓

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  1. Nicely done! 🙂 This is a typical acid/base reaction that gives salt and water. But I’m glad you aren’t eating it! 🙂
    How to prove you have NaCl?
    I guess doing experiments that show you have the two elements is a start.
    eg To test for chloride, add a solution of silver nitrate; the silver chloride should precipitate out as a white substance.

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