The year 2018 is coming in a few days, everyone!

I apologize that I didn’t celebrate Christmas with you and I didn’t post anything since “Christmas” at my house was really boring. I didn’t receive any presents too, so that’s why I didn’t blog/post anything. My family didn’t have a Christmas tree 😦 but we ate turkey and many other goods. Hopefully, you have a great Christmas.

New Year is coming in 1 days in Thailand, but in the USA it’s only 2 more days!

My New year’s resolution is to blog with you guys as much as possible, study as much as possible, and enjoy life to the fullest!

Anyway, hope you guys have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

★  ★  ★  ★


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  1. That’s OK! The more important holiday (from the religious standpoint) in Christian countries is Easter anyway. Out of respect for your probable adherence to Buddhism, I won’t proselytize other than to say Easter marks the single most important event in the Christian faith, but Christmas oftentimes gets more attention because of the gifts and families getting together. Besides, the Christmas holiday is observed in many ways, most having pagan roots. (Priests incorporated non-Christian holidays and themes in the celebration of Christmas as a way of bringing non-Christians into the faith. Yeah. Sneaky!)


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    • The non-Christians!! How did you know that? I actually happened at the Church over here. LOL! I’m a Christian and I was pretty disappointed that we didn’t have a tree, but we have Turkey and the whole family (only 3 members) joined together. What more do you need?


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