End of the week #3 (My exam results)

  Alright so my midterm exam results finally came out, and I didn’t do so well. Here are three reasons why didn’t do well: First, I wasn’t paying attention (I didn’t put effort into getting good grades). Second, I past the 8th grade many times already, and the grades are better than this. And lastly, the test is in a language I’m not comfortable with. My parents were upset that I got these grades, but I wasn’t sad. Because I didn’t try my best (but they won’t listen to me). Anyway, let’s see the grades: Math: D 40% (It was in Thai) Science: C 67.5% (It was also in Thai) Computer: D 56.67% History: C 62.5% Thai language: F 22.5% (There’s nothing I can do) P.E. B 80% English Grammar: A 95.5% (Easy) Social Studies: C 75% And there they are. Plus, nothing really happened this week, except for the grades. I would of gotten better grades if I was paying attention. Thanks for reading.   Advertisements

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