I can’t do Chemistry Experiments anymore

Ah, the good old days and my craze for science experiments. It was a fun time but I’m starting to lose motivation and I also don’t want to waste money. Since I’m moving to the U.S.A., I had to sell all of my supplies to someone else and if I move there, I’ll need to buy all of my supplies again. I cannot do this hobby because I’m just bored of it. You might be asking: “Dan, then what are going to post on this blog?” I’ll be posting about other hobbies and blogging about myself. Anyways, right now I’m still trying to get to U.S.A and I’ll get back “the WordPress grind.” Ciao and see you later! My best science posts: 1. Does mercury conduct electricity 2. Turning a coin to silver and gold simple redox reaction 3. How to make basic copper carbonate 4. Pouring super glue into borax Thank you for reading my chemistry posts. It was a fun experience. Advertisements

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