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Month: December 2018

I made Music in 3 hours

Since I gave up on Chemistry, I told you that I’ll find new interests and here’s one right here: You might not like it, but it was my first try and it took me only 3 hours. Enjoy 😀 ► Download here ◄ *The music is free to use Tools used: FL studio 20 VSDC Free video editor

Thailand to America… A long Journey

I’ve finally got a new home in the USA and North Calorina is a great place to live! Flying from Thailand to America was a very long and tiring journey. My family still haven’t sold our house and so half of the family’s money is over there. And we’re living poor here, but it’s still fun. We had to fly from my city to Bangkok. Then Bangkok to Hongkong, and Hongkong to Washington D.C. This whole journey took around a week to be in North Calorina. Also, I hate jetlag haha!… Read more Thailand to America… A long Journey