Melting #3: Liquid from Copper (II) Sulfate

Melting #3: Liquid from Copper (II) Sulfate

Well, the last time, we tried to melt copper (II) sulfate, and it didn’t work at all. But there’s this water vapor from it:

What I wanted to do today, is to extract the water out of it and test it. It loses two water molecules when heating at 63 °C (145 °F), two more at 109 °C (228 °F), and the final water molecule at 200 °C (392 °F). What are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

OK, I’ve setup this apparatus to extract the liquid. On the top left is the copper sulfate in a test tube. I’m going to heat it up and water vapor will go into the plastic tube and go into the test tube.

Turned on the heat and we just need to wait.

Yay! it’s working!

There is so much water coming in!

I turned off the heat because most of the water is extracted, I’m going to put some more in there.

I added a new load of copper sulfate to get more liquid, but… the test tube….

I added some cold water in the beaker on the test tube that’s receiving the liquid because I think that using a cold temperature will turn the water vapor into drops of water before the water vapor escapes from the test tube.Water vapor turns into liquid droplets when cooled. That is called condensation, it’s the opposite of evaporation. Let’s see if this works.

All right, finished. I think the second method works better. And the best thing is: we got some liquid! I’m going to make a separate post about testing this liquid.

But… the test tube… It’s gone…


It’s sad to see death…

Good bye.. Last test tube…

Don’t worry, I’ll buy new ones 😃

12 Replies to “Melting #3: Liquid from Copper (II) Sulfate”

  1. Ah test tubes are expendable and hopefully not too expensive. I was always breaking them!

  2. That’s nice you have a place!

  3. Do you have to order them or can you buy supplies where you live?

  4. I see the blue copper sulphate turns white as it loses water. If you add water back to this white powder, the copper sulphate should turn blue again. Isn’t chemistry marvellous?
    Oh, and sorry about your test tube – casualties of science experiments!

  5. LOL time for new test tubes for sure!

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