Warm Chemistry

Warm Chemistry

After that long break, I would like to do a very simple experiment to start. This one is pretty common, most people probably know this experiment, but no one realized that there was more to it.

Things you’ll need: Yeast, hydrogen peroxide, a beaker, and a thermometer.


  1. Pour 200 ml of hydrogen peroxide into a beaker.IMG_20140101_070545
  2. Insert the thermometer and look at the temperature.IMG_20140101_070613
  3. Add some yeast, not too little, stir it into the hydrogen peroxide.IMG_20140101_070705
  4. Keep waiting, the temperature will be high.IMG_20140101_070056

My temperature is about 63°C. That’s very hot. You saw the temperature change. The energy in the chemicals was converted to heat energy by the chemical change. You must know the yeast + H2O2 reaction, so I’m not going to explain it. This is also another way to create the elephant’s toothpaste demonstration.


Thanks for taking your time to look at this post 🙂

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  1. It was Once 40C here in Cape Town – so I agree – far too hot!
    I look forward to seeing your post – just be very careful with those hot temps! (I’m sure you are!)

  2. Yes, Asia is hot, one day it was even 40C! I had a tough time that day… I’ve another experiment that can go even hotter. It can go up to about 70C! Just keep waiting, and I’ll probably going to post it.

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