Game Building

Not only I’m interested in Chemistry, I also found out that I like programming. I became interested in programming because I saw many people making so much profit from video games, and maybe I can create one. Why are you just playing video games? Why not make them?

I’ve always been fascinated by video games. Especially the ones that have no goal like sandbox games. Because you need to come up with your own ideas and goals like the game “Minecraft” or “Terraria”. I just love to play with the commands; and both of these games has unique game mechanics which is amazing.

I’ve played about 200-300 games on mobile and desktop (I’m always bored with the same old game). And I could compare and observe them: How would you make this better? Why is it a good game? What makes people play this game?

I’m using Unity 5 as my program to make games and using Blender to make my 3D components. I learn by facing a problem and I try to figure it out by looking for help and tutorials on the internet. I studied Java Script and Unity and learning from trial and error.

I usually try to learn programming and game creating by watching this Youtube Channel:

I upload 3D models here:

Familiarizing, touching, and playing around with Unity for the first time:

I’m trying to make stairs and calculate the size. I also made some hills and mountains and added some textures to it.

In development: Chemistry Simulator:

Positioning a table in the main room.

Modeling with Blender for the first time:

Using a cone and a cylinder to model a laboratory beaker. I use Youtube tutorials to help me. The shapes were needed to be cut and transformed into similar shapes.

Chemistry Simulator (March 2018):

Screenshot (224)

The features were: clickable objects that redirect to a browser, first person control, and in-game restarter. The planed features were: in-game navigation panel and interactive objects.

The first 3D model I made (a laboratory beaker):

The hardest part of this model was creating the shape; the texturing was easy. I was really glad I made my first 3D model.

Right now I’m still learning and still at the very beginning, but someday, I might fail or succeed in making a great video game.