Some Great Comments

Give me some good comments. If you did, I’ll post them here.

From weggieboy:

I was pleased to promote your blog on my blog because: 1. you are an amazing kid!, 2. readers of my blog are interested in the natural world, 3. you have an eclectic interest in the natural world, and 4. you write wonderfully well about it! Science is the foundation of understanding of the world and the wonders in it, and you are headed for a great future because you are so deeply interested in it! Great blogging here, Dan! This is one of the better blogs available to readers AND you are only 12 years old!

From indianeskitchen:

You are amazing! I admire your love for science. I hope you are still blogging when you go to college because I can’t wait to see what your degree will be. I wish more teenagers left the computer games alone and were more like you!

From scifihammy:

I’m very happy that you visited my blog, so I could come and see yours.
I think it’s excellent that you have a love of science – so do I.
Good Luck with your adventures in science and with you Blog goals. I am sure you will achieve them easily.

Thank you for the very nice comments, they’re very polite and great 🙂 !