I’m moving to the United States in one week…

Hi guys.

I’m sorry that I left this blog for too long and the reason why I didn’t make any posts is because nothing interesting is happening in my life in these couple months.

Nothing much really happened in these months. I grew up a little and I just have a couple of friends on the internet.

And in one week I’ll be moving into the United States and I still haven’t sold my house yet (I do not understand why I can’t sell my house, I think it’s a beautiful house and the price is cheap). And now I’m scared that my family doesn’t have enough money to live in the United States.


But, I’ll be back to make more posts soon.

I hope you guys are doing fine.

And see you later!

3 Replies to “I’m moving to the United States in one week…”

  1. I am sure your house will sell in the end. It always takes longer than you think it will.
    It’s very exciting to be finally making the big move to the USA. And your Dad will get a job so you’ll have enough to live off.
    I wish you and your family all the best for the move. Enjoy the Adventure! 🙂

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