About Me

My name is Danupon Drake, I was born in the year 2005 and I’m developing this blog for a portfolio. I had 12 years of education from Thailand and now I’m continuing my life in the United States. I showcase my awards and educational hobbies here: 

1. The National Sojourners Medal:

Received on May 13, 2022 at New Hanover High School, Wilmington NC.

JROTC or Junior Reserve Officer Training Core is a federal program sponsored by the United States Armed Forces in high schools and also in some middle schools across the United States. Students who participate in JROTC take classes that focus on study skills, history, citizenship, military drills, and physical fitness, among many other things, and are taught by ex-military instructors. The main goal of JROTC is to make better citizens.

The National Sojourners Award consists of a ribbon with medal pendant, is made annually to an outstanding cadet at each school who contributed the most to encourage and demonstrate Americanism within the Corps of Cadets and on the campus.

National Sojourners Official Website: https://nationalsojourners.org


2. Additional Awards:

These awards were earned while I was in Thailand. Click Here to view them in detail.

3. My Early Years In Thailand:

Dan Hunting Insects in Loei, Thailand 2014

Aside from the awards I’ve received, I also started collecting insects in the North Eastern Part of Thailand. That part of Thailand was very rural and therefore, there were many exotic insects such as this South East Asian Atlas Moth:

I also studied their anatomy, natural habitat, how to name them, how rare each of them are, and find the best ways to preserve them for display.

My final insect collection.

I named and identify them by looking at their patterns and knowing that their natural habitat is in South East Asia.

4. Chemistry Adventure:

When I reached age 11-13 in Thailand, I began my own chemistry experiments. I had my own lab and I bought chemicals and did my own experiments for fun and curiosity. Sometimes I could not find a chemical, so I had to buy foundation chemicals to create reactions to generate the chemicals I wanted. Aside from chemistry, I also tried experiments in other topics such as biology and electricity.

Click on Any Picture To Make Bigger:

Here some examples of the chemical experiments I’ve conducted. The 2 images below are images of me making Copper Carbonate by combining basic chemicals. Click here for the full post.

The golden solution below is made by combining two colorless solutions, potassium iodide solution and Lead nitrate solution. Click here for the full post.

My Chemistry Experiments October 2015-August 2018
When I Was 10-13 Years Old

Click Here:  See My 40 Chemistry Experiments: https://danupondrake.com/chemistry-posts-page/ 

Click Here:  My Additional Experiments and General Studies 2015-2018

Then I moved to America, December 2018


Some of My Interests and Adventures in America

Discovering Nature…On the trail of the Venus Fly Trap…
Wow, surprisingly small!!!

Fishing in Wilmington NC and Dive Training in Key West


Now I will be starting my big adventure in College!!