How to write faster by hand

Writing fast gives you many benefits. For example, I’m at school and the teacher told to copy a paragraph from the board, and I copied it pretty quick (Most of the time I write fast and copy everything). So I’ll show you how to write faster with good handwriting.

1. Maintain good posture. Straighten your back and make sure that your feet are resting flat on the floor. Your lower back and hips should be fully supported by the chair that you’re sitting in. Both your knees and your elbows should be bent and you should feel comfortable while you sit. Maintain this posture to reduce fatigue and improve stamina as you write correctly.

  • Maintaining good posture is also beneficial for your back and hips.

2. Hold the pen or pencil properly. The way that you grip your pencil is a big impact on writing speed. When writing, make sure that your hand is in a comfortable position and doesn’t cramp or get fatigued as you write. If it does, consider switching the way that you’re holding the pencil or pen to improve your writing speed.

  • Rotating the paper in a different way may also feel more comfortable for you.

3. Use a pen or pencil that doesn’t require you to press down hard. If you have to press down hard as you write, you will write slower. Find a pen that isn’t so thin that it’s hard to grip, but that isn’t so thick that writing is uncomfortable. That is why I rather use pens than pencils.

4. Write more. Practice every day to improve the speed and the appearance of your handwriting. The more that you do it, the quicker and neater your handwriting will become.

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