First Day in a Foreign School

*These are some of my opinions and comments and I am not insulting anything/anyone

School Website:

This is the first American school that I’ve been in and I would like to tell my experience to others. I hope you are looking forward to this and I tried to take pictures but it’s hard because there is a rule that you cannot take pictures.

This is Noble Middle School, one of the public schools in Wilmington North Calorina. This school has a very strict policy about bullying, inappropriate content, and profanity. And the school mascot is an eagle.

Waiting for the school bus

I got into the school in the middle of the semester which is bad because everyone has friends except me. But don’t worry, I’m used to it. At least, I made a couple of friends over there.

I was struggling so much on my first day. It was such a horrible nightmare. I was so scared that I had to ask the school counselor so many questions so many times. The system is very different from Thailand obviously because Thailand schools had no lockers and you do not need to change classes most of the time.

Many of my classmates were afraid to talk to me because they do not know who I am and they didn’t even realize I could speak English. One thing that I remembered is a group of 4 girls gave me a salad in a cup, which is very nice of them because they paid for it. They handed me the salad and then they ran away. I was so scared that I sat there looking at the salad like a mindless person, I threw it away and ran away. But don’t worry, I gave them a quarter and they still talk to me until now.

The school’s yard

To go to another class, you’ll need to go to the room with the right number. But I couldn’t find the room with that number so I walked around the school like 3 times (and I was terrified) until I found the counselor and she guided me to the correct class.

And that is the first day in an American School and I didn’t study at all (lol).

I remembered myself trying to open a locker. It is hard because I’ve never used a locker before so I had to ask the school counselor many times, but now I know how to use lockers, I just had to practice.

This school is not the “competitive” type which means the students that are behind can catch up easily, but the smarter students (not being narcissistic but like me) they can get bored easily. I know I know, my grades are quite low right now, but I can get them up easily if I stop slacking off.

One thing that is good about this school is that it has no bullies. Not a single bully. This school had only a couple fist fights before but that was a very long time ago.

This is a good school for students who are behind and are sensitive to bullying.


The important thing to take in that things might not be scary as you think and thank you to the students who accepted me and tried to help me.

And that is my first day in a foreign school.

8 Replies to “First Day in a Foreign School”

  1. Thank you for writing this Dan. It’s interesting to read how different your new school is, to what you were used to and to what mine was like.
    It must have been hard starting part way through a year, but it sounds like the kids are getting to know you already.
    The No Bullying Rule is excellent – as bullying can make a child’s life miserable.
    I am sure you are more settled now and starting to learn new things. I know you got good Maths results already. πŸ™‚
    And I hope you feel better soon. πŸ™‚

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