Are Desktop Computers Becoming Obsolete?


The desktop won’t die out for several reasons:

1. It’s becoming the creation tool: particularly for businesses but also for the new breed of home or independent business or artist. People who make things still rely on PCs, be they laptops or desktops, to do so. Graphic design, music, art — all on PCs. Sure, you can do some of this on tablets, but the interface doesn’t support that level of control.

Developers do their work on PCs. I don’t see this changing significantly. Development requires powerful devices — multicore processors, lots of RAM, and copious storage. Developers need giant display screens.

2. Bigger screen and more power: for people who play games on PC’s, a gaming laptop is good, but the issue with gaming laptops is that they run out of battery power quickly due to power the immense power of the CPU’s and GPU’s power requirements, the battery last around 3–4 hours if you’re playing games that need powerful CPUs.

3. you can have a big giant monitor in front of your face if you don’t have a tv and do work, like making a game.

So here’s my opinion: PCs will be with us for many many years to come. But their nature will change so that they’re no longer the only way people consume or create. Marketers need to understand this multi-device future to understand the demands on software developers to support multiple devices. This suggests both market opportunities (help them solve their problems) and a way to market to address customer needs and concerns.


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