I’m leaving Facebook for good.



Notifications, notifications, and notifications everywhere. Not only that, it is useless, a waste of time, and it really doesn’t give me any benefits in my life.

My purpose on Facebook is to share stories about my life but I don’t think Facebook is very suitable for that purpose.

Also, I never felt safe using Facebook because I feel like people could find out your identity and know where you live.

But if you know how to use Facebook the right way it might become a powerful tool, for example, merchants sell clothes and receive a lot of income.

But I’ve decided that I’ll be on Twitter from now on here: https://twitter.com/DanDrak87175557

And leaving Facebook forever because it’s useless for me.

Thank you for reading.


2 Replies to “I’m leaving Facebook for good.”

  1. You have to be happy with your social platform. I’m not on any of these for the reasons you state, but I wish you good luck on Twitter. 🙂

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