About Me

My name is Danupon Drake, Dan Drake, or you could simply call me Dan. I was born in the year 2005 and I’m developing this blog for a portfolio. I had 12 years of education from Thailand and now I’m continuing high school in the United States. I write posts about myself here in this blog.

1. Insect Hobby:

My amazing insect hobby started in Thailand in 2013. There are so many different kinds of rare insects in my backyard because I lived in a rural area in my province. After that, I tried to put my insects in frames, and they were amazing. And then, I started to collect the insects in my backyard.

Me Hunting Insects in Loei Thailand 2014

I have been collecting insects until the year 2016. But I stopped, because I thought I collected enough insects already and that wraps up my insect adventure. But I have collected 73 insects in total.

My bug collection

2. Science Adventure:

After my insect adventure, I started my science adventure that I started around 2016. I grabbed and read a book about science and I’ve discovered that science is fun. I started liking science when I was ten years old. I did all the experiments on the books and they were very fun. Then, I had bought so many science books and science kits and they’re also very fun too. After that, I loved science, so I bought a lot of science books and performed many experiments. After that, I had set up a science lab and bought some more equipment and supplies.

My lab in 2017
My Chemical Collection

Now, I’m making a blog to have a portfolio. A portfolio is a selection of a student’s work compiled over a period of time and used for assessing performance or progress. This blog was mostly about me doing science experiments. My life’s goal was to become a successful chemist at that time.

So now, I’m just trying to blog and having fun with this website.

4. More Hobbies and posts:

I started getting tired of Chemistry, so I decided to try out new hobbies and just have fun! My blog is not about Chemistry anymore but it’ll still be educational, fun, and interesting.

I now have an interest in many different things: Making music, coding, writing, and drawing. Since I’m older, I’m just going to make posts that I mentioned and study for education.

Be sure to leave a like, comment, and follow my site. Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to look around my blog. If you like/enjoyed what you see, make sure to follow!

• The end •


  1. Dan, this is a wonderful site! I really like the butterflies too. Thanks for giving us the link. I wish you the very best with your blog. We need more authors of your age in the blogging world.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I’m very happy that you visited my blog, so I could come and see yours.
    I think it’s excellent that you have a love of science – so do I.
    Good Luck with your adventures in science and with you Blog goals. I am sure you will achieve them easily.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. I was pleased to promote your blog on my blog because: 1. you are an amazing kid!, 2. readers of my blog are interested in the natural world, 3. you have an eclectic interest in the natural world, and 4. you write wonderfully well about it! Science is the foundation of understanding of the world and the wonders in it, and you are headed for a great future because you are so deeply interested in it! Great blogging here, Dan! This is one of the better blogs available to readers AND you are only 12 years old!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Man, this is the best comment you ever wrote to me. My dad said I’m a special and a rare kid. And he’s very happy that I don’t play video games (well, I sometimes I do and that’s the way to relief stress). I started to like science when I was 9 years old but I didn’t have a blog that time. I just did some simple experiments at that time. Now I know how to use advance chemicals and tools. After that, I thought having a blog will entertain my followers and readers. But there is one thing bad about blogging: BAD COMMENTS! If I get more follows and likes, I will sometime get a bad comment from people that are jealous of me. If I get a bad comment, I won’t care. Because why listen to jerks? I never receive a bad comment, but someone will surely hate me. But still, I will keep posting science experiments for everyone. I like science because I wanted to question things and use some equipment. And one more reason why I like science: Good Grades in school. If you get good grades it will make you look more “leader” and cooler in school. Until now I’m still receiving good grades in science. Well, sorry for the long comment.

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  4. You are amazing! I admire your love for science. I hope you are still blogging when you go to college because I can’t wait to see what your degree will be. I wish more teenagers left the computer games alone and were more like you!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Your butterfly collection is very interesting, though I do agree with your mum’s thought process and a high-five to you for stopping because of this reason. Though I am not a “science” person but hubby (he is a die-hard science man and will love going thru your blog…) and I are ardent nature lovers and constantly marvel at this breath-taking universe that is our habitat. Looking frwd to going through your posts! Good luck with all your upcoming adventures and endeavors!

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