End of the week #3 (My exam results)


Alright so my midterm exam results finally came out, and I didn’t do so well.

Here are three reasons why didn’t do well: First, I wasn’t paying attention (I didn’t put effort into getting good grades). Second, I past the 8th grade many times already, and the grades are better than this. And lastly, the test is in a language I’m not comfortable with.

My parents were upset that I got these grades, but I wasn’t sad. Because I didn’t try my best (but they won’t listen to me). Anyway, let’s see the grades:

Math: D 40% (It was in Thai)

Science: C 67.5% (It was also in Thai)

Computer: D 56.67%

History: C 62.5%

Thai language: F 22.5% (There’s nothing I can do)

P.E. B 80%

English Grammar: A 95.5% (Easy)

Social Studies: C 75%

And there they are.

Plus, nothing really happened this week, except for the grades.

I would of gotten better grades if I was paying attention.

Thanks for reading.


15 Replies to “End of the week #3 (My exam results)”

  1. Thank you for your beautiful comment. I really appreciate the time you took to write it. Thank you for reading my posts. And I’m sorry for the late reply.

  2. I find your article on silica gel well written. Have you considered experimenting with colloidal silica? Your lab is very neat and clean. Your bug collection is well presented. I would not be able to do math in Thai. Answering exam questions to the satisfaction of examiners is an art; it proves you can provide satisfactory answers under exam conditions, probably because you have studied the material and practised answering, much like an athlete prepares for an event. If you were to test someone for having achieved the learning objectives, what questions would you ask, and wnat answers would you expect? Analyze your marked scripts, and look for marks lost that you could have gotten. Why I felt compelled to comment was because you published your grades as the unadorned truth. That is above average honesty not to mention courage. I salute you.

  3. Yep! I’ll do much better if I move to there. But, it’ll be 6 more months because of my mom’s visa 😦 Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. It seems that the cause for the problem is simply trying to write a paper in a second language. The papers you could understand you did very well in.
    It is also hard to get good grades if you are not interested, which again can be due to the language barrier.
    It should be a different story once you move to the USA.

  5. Don’t what to say, my friend… Didn’t you say something about your family moving to the US? If so, that would help you in that you’d be using a familiar language, but you’d still have to study!

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