Homeschooling vs. Public School

Homeschooling vs. Public School


Homeschooling or Public School? I’m really curious which one is better so I’ve done my own research and compare my opinions.

But first, before we begin, I’ll tell you about my history in my school life:

From kindergarten to grade forth, I’ve gone to private school but I’ve never gone to a public school before. And after that horrible school that the teacher gives answers (cheats) on tests, I decided that homeschooling will be the best way. But I lasted only for 4 years because I started to feel lonely. And I decided I will stay in traditional schools forever.

Let’s start comparing:

My opinions:

1. Homeschooling:

It’ll be nice to get away from the distractions (bullies, social media, unsuitable content for kids) and everything is so much easier because you’re at home. No late classes, you can eat anything you want, take many breaks. And the best thing is: you don’t have to pay anything (not for the books, obviously).

But your student will start to get lonely (like me) and will soon to have problems in the future about getting in/along with people.

But that won’t always happen. If your student has neighborhood friends, brothers/sisters, or classmates, your student will be fine. It’s just if you don’t have any friends.

They are still more negative opinions but they’re not as bad as the first one.

2. Public/Private School:


There’s no difference between these two schools, and they’re pretty much the same.

It’s nice to have friends and be able to practice to live without your parents for a while. But what happens if your kid gets bullied and gets to see unsuitable content? (Note: both of these things will happen, and they happened to me already.)

From researching:

Pros & cons from Homeschooling:

  1. Children have a flexible schedule and are not restricted to the place and time where and when they must study. It allows developing child’s gifts by dedicating more time to enrichment activities.
  2. Such learners obtain real-world experience as they communicate with people working in different fields, of different age, and with different backgrounds. They can be involved in clubs, volunteer organizations, religious communities or try their entrepreneurial skills.
  3. Studying takes place at the learner’s own pace and there is no exhausting homework. On average, homeschool students show 30 points better results than their traditional school peers.
  4. Homeschool kids appear to be more mature in comparison to the school children of the same age. A higher level of discipline and self-organization. Total freedom allows managing time better.
  5. Better family relationships are guaranteed because children spend more time with their family members, communicate and discuss any problems with them. Consequently, relatives become closer to kids and understand them better.

  1. Lack of socializing with peers.
  2. Critical thinking is developed not so well.
  3. Additional money on materials is required.
  4. Being misunderstood by other members of society.
  5. Such kids have fewer friends.

Pros and cons from Private/Public School:

  1. Traditional timetable guarantees that a child will get acquainted with all school subjects beginning with their basics.
  2. The school program is organized in such a way that students get all the necessary skills to be able to live in the modern world analyzing the behavior of heroes and avoiding their own pitfalls.
  3. Children learn to cope with difficulties faced at school themselves, without the assistance of their parents and that prepares them for an adult life.
  4. Teachers offer a variety of learning methods and approaches that will meet the requirements of every child.
  5. Moreover, they have a decent person to take an example of. Public schools are affordable for all kids and parents.

  1. Customary routine does not always allow taking up activities a child would like to.
  2. No motivation to develop.
  3. All the students are placed in the equal positions so more gifted and talented kids have to wait for those who follow behind.
  4. Children are passive listeners and their participation is minimal. Parents are not usually involved in the educational process.
  5. Students make efforts to receive better grades rather than obtain new important knowledge or


I will stick to public/private school for the rest of my life. Since my father is too old to teach me and my mother can’t, and I don’t want to have problems in the future about getting in/along with people.

But I’d say both of the choices are good.

There might be many things I’ve missed, but that’s all I’ve got. If I miss anything, can tell me in the comments.

That’s it! And that’s all I know.

3 Replies to “Homeschooling vs. Public School”

  1. You have presented a very well thought out comparison of Home versus Public schooling.
    I agree with what you have said – that the bright child will do better Academically by learning at home –
    But you also need to learn skills in socialising and how to deal with the bullies – as you will come across them throughout life.
    Even though it is often boring and frustrating for the bright child in a public school, the social benefits are worth it. You can always pursue other activities after school to keep your brain happy. 🙂

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