Being Left-handed and Right-handed?


Ambidexterity is the state of being equally adapted in the use of both the left and the right hand. When referring to objects, the concept indicates that the object is equally suitable for right-handed and left-handed people. Only about one percent of people are naturally ambidextrous.

If you can write equally well with either hand, then you are the one percent. Even among the small population of ‘multi-handed’ individuals, very few experience equal ease and skill with both hands. In comparison, around 10% of people are lefties.

How to get ambidextrous:

Step 1, Day 1 – Practice your handwriting. Write your name and the alphabet, along with a few straight lines and a few circles or curves, all with your non-dominant hand. At first, it’s likely your straight lines will look like bacon strips. But the more you practice, the closer your handwriting with the non-dominant hand will resemble the beautiful penmanship you normally exhibit with your dominant hand. Along with handwriting, try to do a few things consistently with your off-hand. Shaving, putting on makeup … these are things you can work on, but start slowly. You don’t want to wield a razor near your carotid artery with a hand that doesn’t do what you want it to do. Step 2, Day 2 – Brush your teeth with your off hand. When you take a shower, turn on the water, reach for/use the soap, reach for/use the towel, dry off and brush your hair with the non-dominant hand. Put your watch on the opposite wrist. Use your off hand to get food out of the refrigerator. And finally, practice your handwriting again. Step 3, Day 3 – Do everything you did the previous two days with the addition of eating with your off hand. Reach for the milk, handle a fork/spoon, butter your toast, cook, etc., using your non-dominant hand dominantly. A quick tip: Don’t eat in public with your off hand until you’ve practiced a bit. Things could get messy. Step 4, Day 4 – Do everything you did the day before. Now, tie your dominant hand behind your back for a bit to make you do everything possible with the non-dominant hand. Only untie it when driving or doing other things that require the use of two hands. Also, switch your mouse buttons to fit your new practices.



One Reply to “Being Left-handed and Right-handed?”

  1. An interesting post 🙂 I’ve always wished I was left-handed! But I believe they had a hard time of it in the old days because they were forced to write with their right hand.
    Leonardo da Vinci was ambidextrous. 🙂

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