My Certificate Collection

I currently have 3 Certificates and 2 medals but all of them are in Thai language. I was really hoping to join clubs in my school to get more certificates but I was late. All of the clubs were full and the available clubs are just not for me.

3 Certificates and 2 medals

The leftmost certificate is for getting second in the province of all subjects in third grade.

The next certificate is for getting first in English grammar in the whole province.

The medal is for winning a spelling B in 7th grade. I came out 1 out of 80 contestants and I forgot what the other one is (it was a very long time ago).

This certificate is from the spelling B

5 Replies to “My Certificate Collection”

  1. These are great awards – you did very well! 🙂
    I’m sure you’ll get more certificates and awards in the future, when you can join the groups you like. 🙂

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