What will Happen if You stop taking showers?

What will Happen if You stop taking showers?

Introduction: On the last time, I did a post about: Are Video Games Bad for You?. And the answer will be on there. But today I have a new question. The question is: What will happen if you stop taking showers? This is going to be weird but, I really want to know what will happen if you do that. Now it’s two articles in a row. So let’s get started.

I think if you never take a shower, your friends in school or nobody would probably get close to you. Nobody at all.

1. The first thing that would happen to you is you will stink. Of course, when you sweat and didn’t take a shower you will stink. The components of sweat are 99% water and 1% of salt, urea, and bacteria. Sweat itself does not in fact smell. The familiar smell of body odor, or B.O, comes from normal skin bacteria breaking down the sweat secretions released from the sweat glands. This is because the apocrine glands, which are involved in causing body odor, begin to function from puberty. That is why you stink after you sweat.

Yes. This is already bad because you stink… And nobody would come close to you as said above.

2. The second thing that will happen is you are going to have Germs, Germs, And More germs! Your body typically has a lot of bacteria on your skin, most of which are actually good for you. Some of them provide useful functions for your skin, and even the otherwise “useless” ones take up space that harmful bacteria might have occupied instead, effectively crowding out the bad germs. But harmful bacteria can still wind up on your skin, and when you don’t take showers, you increase the chances that those harmful germs will get into your body through your eyes, nose, or mouth — and then get you sick.dd

Scary right? But that’s not all.

3. If you don’t wash them away, dirt, sweat, dead skin, and oil build up on your skin, which not only makes you look dirty, it’s also bad for you. In addition to possibly getting sick, some types of bacteria and fungi can cause skin infections, too, especially if you don’t periodically wash them away.images

Yup, it’s getting worse but there is still more.

4. Go without washing for long enough and you’ll wind up with brown scaly patches on your skin, a condition dermatologists call dermatitis neglecta.

Dermatosis neglecta is a skin condition in which accumulation of sebum, keratin, sweat, dirt and debris leads to a localized patch of skin discoloration or a wart-like plaque. It is caused by inadequate hygiene of a certain body part, usually due to some form of disability or a condition that is associated with pain or increased sensitivity to touch (hyperesthesia) or immobility.

Dermatosis neglecta typically develops several months after a disability or other affliction leads to improper cleaning. Patients may deny that negligence is the cause of the lesion, even though it completely resolves on vigorous rubbing with alcohol swabs or water and soap (which provides both diagnosis and treatment). Recognizing the diagnosis avoids unnecessary skin biopsies.

Examples of case reports from the literature include a man who avoided washing the skin area surrounding an artificial pacemaker out of fear it might be damaged; a woman who didn’t clean the right side of her chest due to hyperesthesia following an amputation for breast cancer (mastectomy); a girl who was afraid to wash the area around an abdominal scar; and a man with multiple fractures, shoulder dislocation and radial nerve palsy which significantly reduced his mobility. Ick!

dermatosis neglecta on woman’s face

Wow! that is very scary… I wish this woman wasn’t on my blog 😦

Watch this video to learn more about this article.

I take showers every day. And as you could see that stop taking showers is bad for your health. So you should take showers every day. And there is one thing that I just thought about. If you never take showers that mean you never wash your hair. That means you have a chance to have lice in your hair.

See also: Amou Haji, the man who hasn’t bathed in 60 years!


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  1. I can’t imagine going without a bath or shower at least daily, sometimes more in hot weather or after doing something dirty like gardening. An informative post, if a bit gruesome!

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