4 Science Books you Should Buy

4 Science Books you Should Buy

Want to be an expert in doing science experiments? Want to study science? Then these are the science books you should take a look at. I use these books a lot and they’re very very helpful. So let’s get started.

4. Illustrated Guide to Home Biology Experiments: All Lab, No Lecture

Want to be an expert in using a microscope? Then this one is for you! It’s mostly about microscopes, but there’re some other things in there.20170829_13590520170829_13591420170829_135934

PDF: http://www.thehomescientist.com/manuals/Illustrated_Guide_to_Home_Biology_Experiments.pdf

3. The Annotated Build-It-Yourself Science Laboratory: Build Over 200 Pieces of Science Equipment! (Make)

Want to start a home laboratory from scratch? Wanna make DIY science equipment?Then this one is for you. Build every science equipment! Build: a carbon arc furnace, cloud chamber, mechanical stroboscope, microtome, and so many others! This book was originally published in 1963!! It’s awesome, believe me!20170829_13562520170829_13565620170829_141919

Don’t want to buy the book? Download the PDF: http://www.ebook777.com/make-annotated-build-science-laboratory/

2. Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments: All Lab, No Lecture (DIY Science)

Want to be an expert in using chemistry equipment? Trust me you’ll turn into an expert after you read the whole book! This book has: a guide on setting up a home laboratory, experiments you can try, and scientific principles.


PDF: https://zookeepersblog.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/illustrated-guide-to-home-chemistry-experiments.pdf

1. The Science Book: Everything You Need to Know About the World and How It Works

This is the best. You don’t the internet to find something if you have this book.

This book has everything you need to know, about the world, about everything! If you knew everything in the book, you’re a genius. There is so much to learn in the book. It has everything about science. It’ll take me forever to learn everything in this book! Trust me, if you want to know about the world, then this is for you.


You need this: https://fy45g7645f5uggu45.files.wordpress.com/2017/07/the-science-book-everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-world-and-how-it-works.pdf

Hope you enjoyed the post and Do you think these books are good? Let me know in the comments↓↓

6 Replies to “4 Science Books you Should Buy”

  1. haha Yes, me too – Life gets in the way of blogging! 😀
    Have you ever seen SciShow on YouTube? They do short clips on all things sciencey, which you might enjoy. 🙂

  2. Don’t worry, no need to look at every post that I publish. I post mine alternately because (you know) school, life, and the gym.
    The last book (No 1); there’s so much to learn in there, it’s almost impossible to learn everything in there (it has about 400 pages in there). You should go visit the PDF (I think I put the link for it below), you’ll learn tons of things.

  3. These look like excellent books and I’m impressed that you read them and learn from them.
    That last one (No 1 The science book) looks very comprehensive, but I also like that you can still learn something from a book that was published in 1963. 🙂
    Also, we seem to be posting on alternate days – so I keep missing your posts in my WP Reader.
    No worries though, I will pop by and catch up. 🙂

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